Naim, Chord or Krell... your thoughts?

I'm in the process of upgrading my CD playback (from an ancient but surprisingly good Arcam Delta 70 - one of the first production units!) and have narrowed my choice to three options:

1. Krell SACD standard [The SACD is an interesting bonus]
2. Naim CD5x
3. Chord DAC64 [initially running off an Arcam DV78 DVD player]

I'm interested in opinions on the relative merits of these routes, or whether there are other options worthy of consideration. The rest of the system consists of an Audio Research LS-9 and Chord SPM600, feeding into B&W 7NT's

totally depends on the music you listen to-rock,pop,country,jazz,blues=Krell. Clasical,Opera ect go with Chord. I used to be a naim guy but the allways hyper allways too fast gets to you after a while.
Eclectic, but predominantly classical/simple acoustic sets