I have read in great detail of anologue strengths of Naim CD players. Naim has entirely revamped the line this year, and I am very interested in the CDX2, which fits my price point at just under 5K. Has anybody had any experience with this player or compared it to others in its price range? Is it a significant improvement over the original CDX? Any info on people's experiences with this player will be useful. Thanks.
the naim cdx2 w/ xps power supply is a fantastic cd player. it's easily one of the best i've ever heard, although i can't comment on how it compares to the original, as i haven't heard it. more so than anything, it's timing and pace are incredible, with a very smooth overall sound.

that having been said, i believe that it is bettered by the resolution audio opus21, which is considerably less (3k as opposed to 5k)

the other nice thing is that you can demo the resolution audio at home and decide for yourself. either way, you'll be really happy.

you also might want to listen to the linn ikemi.
Is there anyone here who's listened to both the CDX and the CDX2 who can comment on their differences?