Naim CDX vs. Wadia 850 vs. RA CD-55

Just wanted to get some feedback on what you think would be the better player in the $2-3k (used) CD market. Associated equipment would be Simaudio I-5 and Merlin TSM-SE monitors. Current source is Naim CD5.
Thanks for your input.
I have a Naim CDS2 and it is truly an awesome player. I previously owned a Linn Karik/Numerik which was also excellent and a good value on the used market ( $6000 list.. can be had used for $2500). What don't you like about the Naim CD5 ? I have heard that while the CDX has more resolution the CD5 has more " color " and is more fun to listen to. The CDX seems to be more finicky when it comes to
racks, system set up etc. I am thinking about getting a Naim CD5 and Exposure Super 20 integrated amp and Neat Pettite speakers and just dropping out of the hifi merry go round...
Hi there,
I guess everybody will praise the player he or she is currently running in his or her system. So do I!: WADIA 850 - and I've come to a true high END (as long I don't have the money for the WADIA 270/27ix combo) My 850 is feeding directly into the McIntosh MC2000 running the REVEL Ultima SYSTEM I am just happy everytime I listen to that system.

Hifinut: I was planning to try to demo the CD5 soon. I too wonder why you're giving yours up? Let me know if it's for sale, as the nearest dealer is a 1/2 day rt by car. Thanks/
since you already have a cd5, suggest you add a flatcap 2 or if you can afford the hicap. W/ the hicap, it will sound close to the cdx, although not quite there.

the cdx is in a different league and agreat player.

by the way, i also have the merlin tsm-se. great speakers but they like tube gears though!! the only solid state amp i have tried them with is the audio analogue puccini se remote. it sounds really good with this speaker.

I have a feeling with your set-up, its sounding a bit bright!

email me if you have any more concerns