Naim CDX - should I consider

I've been considering an upgrade to my cdp (have been running a Cambridge Audio 640c II about 18 months) and wanted to get some thoughts on whether putting ~$1500 into a Naim CDX makes any sense. I listened to a factory refurbished Naim CDX at my local dealer this past weekend and loved the sound, but grapling with a player that's that old.

*I recognze the player was $5k new and that this hobby is not about what makes sense, but hasn't technology passed the CDX by?

*Are the newer 5i series worth a look or even in the same ballpark on sound quality?

*Are there other players of the CDX's quality that have a digital out and could be upgraded with an outboard DAC in the future?

Would appreaciate some perspective. Thanks.

Current System:
Rega p3-24 with TT-PSU
Cambridge Audio 640c II CDP
Epos 14 Speakers
Sansui Au-517 Integrated
Are you talking about a CDX or CDX2? The CDX2 is an excellent player, far beyond the CD5i, especially with the optional power supply. That aside, I suggest you direct your Naim questions to the Naim Forum, as they are much more familar with the equipment than anyone here, except for very few, from what I've seen.