Naim CDX or BAT VK 5CD?

I'm shopping for a CD Player and wonder whether any of you have had the honor of auditioning both the Naim and the BAT. If so, where would your preference lie? Also, does anyone know what the SE upgrade costs on the BAT, and whether it would be worth it? Thanks for the expert advice!! John. I'm using Bryston ST amplification and B&W Nautalis 805s (for now :-))
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there is a BAT here at audiogon for just over 2K. it was 4500 new. the new version uses different tubes and is 5K. give it about 20 hours in your system and you won't care what the claims about the new version are. i think the upgrade is about 1200. black mambas and synergestic master couplers work very well with the BAT. it needs isolation, i use a sink and black diamond cones. mullard 6922's and amperex 7308's are said to make a rock solid improvement in the bottom end. before buying i tried YBA 2, Rega Planet, Sony 777 series, Wadia, Copeland, Classe. i listened to the Naim and Levinson but not in my system so i can't comment on them. after 5 hours with the BAT the search was over. good luck
The SE upgrade on the BAT may be a subtle on, but the upgrade available with the Naim CDX is not. Of course, it's not 1200 bucks either. An XPS power supply upgrade ($4k retail) will take the CDX to a whole new level. After that, you keep the XPS, sell the CDX (and possibly an organ or two) and upgrade to a top of the line CDS2. Very little, save a Linn Sondek CD12 or Wadia 270/27ix could touch that.
Hifinut you are dead on. I own a cdx and can say that by itself it is a very respectable player. However with the addition of an XPS it transforms to a level that very few players can come close to. I have heard a BAT VK 5 it is a very nice player however I find the CDX more to my liking the CDX/XPS combo is in a different league. Just my two cents and I might add that the CDX is really at its best in the confines of a full Naim system. If I were looking for a player in a mixed system I would want a home demo of the players in the context and synergy of the system in question.
I'm just starting to get on the Naim bandwagon, and awaiting my newly purchased CD2 next week. The rest of my system isn't Naim yet, but from the music I've heard from a my local dealer's all Naim system (CDX/102/Hi/180/SBL), the CD2 might be the beginning of a very long and expensive relationship with Naim! :)
Naim CD players sound great with other folks' gear. Don't lock them into Naim systems unless you already know you like that combination. My CDX/XPS is in a system of Blue Circle electronics and it sings like a damn bird. BAT has a wonderfully rich midrange but can't complete with Naim anywhere else, say my ears anyway.