Naim CDX - Aggressive Sound?

First post ever, but an avid reader.

I am looking at the Naim CDX CD player available for sale on Audiogon. Besides the asking price seeming to be too high IMO, Fremer's and a lot of other reviews of the player felt that it is too "aggressive". Too in your face and shrill in the top end. This seems very unusual to me for Naim gear.

I have a Naim CD3 mated with a Nait 3 in another system and it is fine. Naim is noted for the opposite of aggressiveness - more mellow and rounded on the top end with amazing bass control and PRAT. Is the CDX2 less "aggressive" and more in keeping with the Naim sound than the CDX?

The CDX would be paired with a Nait5 and Sonus Faber Minima Vintage loudspeakers in a 13'x13'x9' bedroom with just a bed for softening the hardness of the room, Walls are two windows with pull down shades, large bookcase along one side wall, accordion closet door along the other side wall, and plain wall behind the bed. Listening with be lying on the bed! Equipment and speakers are on opposite end of the room from the bed on the windows wall of the room at ear height.

Any opinions regarding on sound with and mating of CDX or CDX2, with other equipment and room acoustics? Thanks.

Had both CDX and CDX2 and I like Naim gear as a general rule. I found the CDX to be on the "aggressive" side of neutral's old. So, I'd worry about the transport and laser. For a grand, or so, I'd buy. That would be my upper limit.

last week I had my 1st ever Naim demo;
PMC 2-way floorstanders
Naim & Nordost blue heaven cabling/cords.

Songs that impressed me the most were 'Into the Mystic'
'Love in Vain' both songs I know very well. Those acoustic and dobro guitars are the most realisitic presentation witnessed. I felt like Van and The Stones were in the same room w/ me.

I can only imagine how the Naim upper level cd players sound

Did you find the CDX2 less aggressive than the CDX? Right now a CDX is posted for $1250. Two CDX2's one at $2250, the other at $2700.
If you dont plan on adding a supercap to the CDX2, and they are expensive, I would go with a CD5x and a hicap which outperformed a bare CDX2 IMHO

My two cents
Higgs-get the "2"'s a better choice. Newer. less hyped, more musical.
Best of luck-Lindisfarne
Thanks. I had thought of the CD5i initially, but the price postings showed one @ $750 in flawless condition (which went for $675, which I unfortunately missed) and another @ $825, but the seller was firm on price and it had scratches on the fascia. I may still look for a CD5i.
Thanks Lindisfarne. CDX2 makes more sense anyway because it is newer.
Adding the XPS2 to the CDX2 will take your breath away. I think. IMO, the CDX2 was really made as a means to eventually upgrade to the XPS2 power supply in steps. The big PS adds so much tonal density and richness that the CDX2 becomes a different player. Personally, I would prefer a Naim CD5x with a flatcap power supply to a naked CDX2, but when you add that XPS, game over.
Thanks! for sharing. I have the Naim CD5i cd player on my short-list to purchase. Should I add one of those power supply(PS)?
I don't know whether the 5i accepts an outboard PS. If it does, I would not hesitate to add it to any Naim component.
Much Thanks! Chayro.