Naim CD5xs vs Bryston BCD1

Has anyone compared these two? the Naim was just released as a replacement to the CD5x.
I recently heard the old-model CD5x against the Cambridge 840C and it was far ahead, especially in timing and timbres.
I have heard both at the same dealer and the Naim is , in my opinion, hands down better in every dimension. But, in my opinion the Naim is a company that keeps itself too propietory(sp) for me to invest in. You need thier power supplys and cables and nothing else seem to work with them.
But they do produce a good product and great sound. What is your budget, there a number of CDPs out there that rival the Naim. I own a C5xe-mp Ayre and love it. I have also heard the ARC Cd8 and it sound fantastic. Do some research with CDPs most likely on the down side of future new products there seems to be lot of great players on the street right now. I think that the advent of High Res download has propagated a plethora of DAC improvements that is finding its way into new CDPs
In my area the Ayre is quite a bit more expensive than the Naim and out of my range. ARC is not available here.

I have a Simaudio I3RS amplifier, I wonder how the Naim would go with it...

The other option is the Simaudio CD3.3 but I can't compare at one dealer.
Naim works fine with other brands. The old gear was maybe harder to use with other brands due to DIN plugs, even then it was possible and pleasing to use with others. The new Naim gear integrates very well with just about any other gear out there. Have both DIN and RCA options.
the bryston
The Naim factory has informed me the CD5xs is a significant step up on the CD5x, and with the external power supply it will be at the same level as the CDx2 (there is a CDx2s coming out soon)
Have you actually compared the new Naim 5XS to the Bryston?
not directly...and sometimes i enjoy naim's 'sonic' point of view, but prefer the natural ease of the bryston with any music you can play.
I am a Naim fan, but considered the Bryston unheard. I am very curious about the 5XS.
Does the Naim DIN connection give advantages over RCA?