Naim CD5x versus CDX2

Hi folks. I'm interested in hearing from those who have experience with one or both of these units. Basically, is the CDX2 worth the extra dough? Also, I'm curious about where each of these can be taken with additional power supplies--XPS and Flatcap 2. For example, how would a CD5x with a Flatcap 2 stack up against the CDX2, etc.

Look here:

They are both fine machines. CD5x/Hicap comes close to a CDX2, but not quite. The same money can get a CDX2, around $3000 used. You can ad an XPS2 later to go to another level.
I went from a (new) CD5X to a (used) CDX2. Muzikat has pretty much nailed it. They are both fine machines. Unfortunately I did not get to do an a/b comparison between the two. A used CDX2 is absolutely worth the upgrade over the CD5X. I never did get to hear a 5x with flatcap, but once again, the common consensus on the Naim forum seems to be that a solo x2 beats a 5x/flatcap combo. Personally, I'm in the market for a used xps2 if I can buy one right. And do check out the Naim forum. You'll find answers to all your questions over there. Naim cdp's don't seem to be all that big here on Agon for some reason.
I agree with musicat and perfectionist cd5x very good but cdx2 noticeably better. XPS takes it to new level, more open and detailed. CDX and xps can be found used.
You guys have any problems with isolating these players. Some folks suggest the Naim units are more prone to vibration than other players and must be used in conjunction with some form of isolation platform, feet ETC.
Well, I've always isolated all my cdp's. I currently use Aurios Pro and Pro-Max bearings under all my gear, including amps. But I really never noticed the Naim cdp's being any worse than others w/o isolation. I'm a firm believer in isolation thru my own trial and error...
You would have a hard time making them sound bad.
Good solid shelf, any quality audio rack, is all that's required.
If you want better:
Naim Fraim....pricey
Quadraspire...nice looking reasonably priced. I use that rack with a Nuence platform under my CDX2, seems to help.
I would not recommend Points or anything that elevates the original feet off the surface. Naim designed these feet to be optimum. The CDX2 feet are hard, CD5X are softer.
Again, check here:

You can find every question about Naim that you can think up on the Naim forum.
Naim players in my experience are really good. If you read the Naim forum you will find the members are somewhat split as to which is better between the CDX5 (or CD5) and the CDX2. I owned both the CD5 and CDX2 at the same time with each on a shelf in my stand. I compared many, many times trying to choose the CDX2 which I slightly prefered the look. On some days I would just listen to one or the other. Ultimately the CDX2 was too aggressive or bright compared to the CD5. The CD5 has a laid back analog qualtiy about it in comparison. It gives up very little in detail and does not have the shouty quality the CDX2 has. Adding a separate power supply to the CDX2 alleviates the issues with the CDX2 but puts it in a whole new price category. I currently have the CD5x and it does not have the aggresive qualities of the CDX2. Some may argue they like the aggressiveness of the CDX2. It does exhibit great control but I would guess they have not directly compared with the CD5 or 5x.
Thanks to all for the help. After much research and contemplation I've decided to go with the CDX2. I was also considering the ARC CD3 and the Ayre CX7e but the Naim seems best suited to my system and needs. I've also had a chance to hear the CDX2 (with an XPS) in an all Naim system driving Harbeth SHL5's a year or so ago and I was duly impressed with the sound--some of the best I've ever heard. This, combined with the fact that I'm an old Naim user (62/HiCap/140) gives me confidence in the decision. I appreciate all the help and will post after I've had a chance to hook her up.
Anyone using the Naim CD5 series of CD players?
Personally, I would rather listen to a CD5x/flatcap than a solo CDX2. With Naim, the power supplies really flesh out the sound, like going from regular tv to hd. But - the CDX2 with the XPS2 is absolutely in a different league. Once you add that power supply, the CDX2 absolutely transforms, IMO. So I would buy the CDX2 if I knew I was later going to add the XPS. Not that it sounds bad by itself and I guess some might even prefer it to the 5x/flatcap. I just added this because I didn't think the above posters were emphasizing the very big difference between the CD5x/FC and the CDX2/XPS2. I see you have a x-03. Are you considering giving that up for the Naim player?
Holy ancient thread resurrection, Batman!
I would have agree with Chayro, tho not by personal experience.
I have previously spent some time on the Naim forum. Some users actually upgraded to the PS555, then to the CD555. A few went from CD555/PS555, then to an additional PS555!!
They all seem to agree that the Power Supply quality is a very important contributing factor within the Naim CD line.
On the subject of power supplies, I remember one review where the listener(s) found that the CDX2 with the 555PS sounded superior (whatever that means)to the much more pricey CDS3 with the XPS2 power supply. One more option is the CD5x with a HiCap, which gives the little 5x tremendous bottom end drive. I personally felt the flatcap worked better for me, but it is something to consider if you can.