Naim CD5x --How does it sound??

Has anybody had a chance to hear this new cd player from Naim? Is so, how does it compare to others you have heard?
I am interested in making a change and would appreciate any
info. Thanks
I compared with a CDS2/XPS. Big image, wonderful attack, very musical, particularly on audiophile grade CD's. On a "standard" classical piano recording, I found the recording noise a bit distracting. The CDS2/XPS still played the noise, but put it in a context separate from the music...more detail, more focused (and smaller) image. Both were wonderful. Followed with a Arcam Planet, which by comparison, put the music back into the speakers, dropped the image, but did have a very smooth tonal balance.
Flat in my opinion. I heard the unit in a Naim set-up with Harbeth speakers. It was my intent to take the unit on a 30 day trial and put it in my system but after the audition I passed. I felt the Sim CDPs were better, as were a couple of tube CDPs I auditioned.