Naim CD5i vs. Linn Genki ?

Any comments on the comparitive virtues of the aforementioned players? The linn is a bit more cash and it has a pre amp built in .. but the naim ... well it's a naim!

Anybody compared them? Used both?

Any thoughts?
Never heard either of these, but have had a few other Naim CD players (currently),and a Linn Classik. Also various Linn and Naim preamps/amps.
I think the Naim will be more punchy and forward, the Linn will be a little more laid back. Both are great rythmic machines.
A toss up depending on your tastes.
I would probably go for the Naim, as I lean that way anyhow.
This question gets much discussion on the Forum at Try there.
Good Luck!

Get a used Linn Ikemi if you can! Highly musical!

Good Luck!