Naim Cd5i versus Consonance cd-120

I was planning to buy an used Naim Cd5i for $800, but when I gave the offer, it had already been sold to someone else. Then I decided to buy the Consonance CD-120. Both of these players received the "best buy" tag from Hi-Fi Choice mag, and in the UK both models have similar prices. In the US, however, the Consonance is sold at a much smaller price, only $1100, compared to the $1700 of the Naim model.

What I want to know is this: have some of you listened to both players? Do you think the difference between their performances is significant?
the price swing is because the naim is still built in the u.k. and the consonance is from china. both are competitive players, but the naim(name)is a better investment for the longterm. it rocks too.