Naim CD5i or any other suggestions

I've tested a CD5i on my system (Quicksilver mid mono amps, Quicksilver pre-amp and Totem Hawk speakers) and found it very musical with a lot of punch and rhythm. I compared it to a Musical Fidelity A5 and this one was everything except musical.

I don't want to spend more than 2K$ and I'm looking for a cd player that transmits all the emotion of the music and gives you the impression to be in front of the artists.

Any other suggestions or comments?
Arcam cd 92,23 or 33,all are outstanding.
Hi Chrfor,

I bought a Naim CD5i earlier this year after auditioning as much of the under $2500 competition as I could. Like you said, it's a very lively and musical player. The other players that I really dug during my auditions were:

Simaudio Equinox - A wonderful player that's in your price range used

Jolida JD100A - A warm and full sounding tube CD player

Rega Planet and Jupiter - Laid back and very forgiving

The final choice comes down to personal taste and how much you want to spend.