Naim CD Repair in U.S.?

I have a Naim CD5x that has a minor problem that needs to be fixed.Player plays CDs fine but recently sound has become distorted and much lower in output level.Believe it could be a relay that failed between outputs OR a cap or resistor that failed near output jacks.Tried contacting Naim in the UK and AV options in Oregon (supposed to be only authorized Naim service center in The States).Have yet to hear back from both. I know AV options repairs Naim Amps but can’t find mention of Naim CD players on their website.Can anyone tell me who repairs Naim CD players NOW?


ANY qualified repair person can find/fix/upgrade parts like relays, transistors, resistors, capacitors.

Different story IF Naim parts needed, doesn't seem to be the case as you describe/guess yourself.

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