Naim CD 5X worth 2x the cost of the Naim CD5i-2?

I have an opportunity to upgrade to the Naim CD5X. I currently have the Naim CD5i-2. My dealer does not have the CD5X for audition to compare. My question is, is the CD5X twice as good as the CD5i-2 given there two price points? I know you can use the external power supply with the CD5X but this is adding another $1000.00 to the cost of the unit. Opinions appreciated.
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I did just that 3 weeks ago. I purchased a Naim CD5i-2 and loved the Naim sound so much, I decided to upgrade. I bought the CD5X and Flatcap2x together (both used) for twice the price of the CD5i-2. I have not played the CD5X without the Flatcap2x though. IMO, I don't believe that paying the list price for the CD5X without the Flatcap2x is worth the price. From what I have read, most say you do need the Flatcap to extract all that the CD5X has to give.
Use with a flatcap will make it worthwhile,
The CD5x is an excellent CDP. Worth it or not depends on your finances.

For around the same amount of money, the Bryston BCD-1 is a must hear IMO. I'd love to hear them side by side, but have been told the BCD-1 is better. That came from a Naim fan. Everyone's ears and priorities are different.

I did compare the Bryston to the Naim cd-5iV2.
They are both good players.

The Bryston was excellent on SOME cd's.
I thought the NAIM was better on more cd's,
especially older recorded discs.

I have had quite a few players in the $1500-$4000
range. This is the most underrated player around.
I think the 5i V2 is a steal for the money.

I think if I had to describe it in one word.....
.......FUN! That it what some of the ultra detail players
are missing......and I was surprised at the detail.

I question if spending more money on another cd player
would be worth it. What about a better power cable,
cable from the Naim to amp, etc.
Thanks for the feeback. I do agree with Klaudio,i think CD5i-2 is a underrated player. When i purchased this player, i compared it to the Rega Saturn & Apollo, Cambridge 840c, Unison Research Tube and a one day out of the box Bryston BCD-1, could not really judge this player to new. I liked the CD5i-2 better than the Rega Apollo & Cambridge 840c and felt the CD5i-2 held it's own with the Saturn and Unison and could not justify the extra $700.00 to $800.00 more these players cost. I hope i get to hear a CD5X before my trade policy expires. Again thanks for all your feedback.
Not having compared the 2 units, I would just like to say this: I've heard a variety of Naim electronics and CDP's over the years, and have noticed that they seem to have more than 1 "house sound". So I wouldn't be tempted to spend the money sight unseen, as perhaps the CDX won't achieve the same balance in your system as does the CD5i2.

If you like what you have, you're best off to keep it...there's always something better out there, but if you don't have a particular aspect of the CDP's sound that you're trying to improve upon, you might find it difficult to spot the improvements that justify the added cost.

Used, of course, is a different story, because you take virtually no risk.