Naim Audio system owners - What speakers are you using with Naim?

Asking for a friend, seriously. Ha!

I recommended Harbeth 30.2, Revel Studio2, possibly B&W or Fyne Audio.

Any other models? Looking for both stand mount and floor standing speakers.

Hi All - I'm considering getting the Naim Uniti Atom for my office along with the Sonus Faber Sonetto II speakers. Would you all reco that pairing? If so, what speaker cables would you reco? I'm considering getting the Hifiman Ananda headphones to go with it. Curious if that's too much headphone for it. As I understand it, you cannot pair an external headphone amp with the atom which is unfortunate. Hope the headphone amp within is good enough.

I’ll be building a new system.  I was just wondering if a Naim Supernait 3 (with a HiCapDR eventually) would work well with either a Spendor D7.2 or Kudos Super 20A ?

Both speakers are exactly the same price in my part of the world.

@rfc i have personally listened to Naim and the Spendor D7.2 and found it dark.  If you like a warmer, darker sound, great!