Naim Audio system owners - What speakers are you using with Naim?

Asking for a friend, seriously. Ha!

I recommended Harbeth 30.2, Revel Studio2, possibly B&W or Fyne Audio.

Any other models? Looking for both stand mount and floor standing speakers.
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I agree caphill. I’m looking at it almost daily and weekly at a minimum. I have nothing but respect and love for Naim. I’ve converted a few friends to Naim. One friend in particular came from Burmester and Dartzeel. He’s ecstatic with his Supernait2 and HiCap ps. I still love mine but will eventually move up the line. 
I have top olive Naim system-01/cds2/52/135s- previously had Focal 1038be’s- I gradually realized that they had harsh high frequencies and lacked what I replaced them with: Kudos Titan T88s.
The titans are much more organic, gave fuller bass and are much more musical than the Focal’s.
only one distributor in USA so not very available- I purchased mine second hand from this distributor- they are fantastic 
Naim Ovator S-600 playing in my system, with Superline>552DR>250DR and I can absolutely recommend these speakers: sounds like the musicians are playing in my room! 
Not sure of your budget, but I have a 202/hicap/Ndac/Xps/250 system, I use Guru Audio Q10 bookshelf speakers.  

These are made to go near the wall (if that's your case) and they rock and sing.  Best bookshelves I found after demo'ing about 10 different ones.  If I didn't buy these, the Harbeth 30.1's would have been my next choice.  
I know, old thread, but just ran across it so I’ll add my 2¢ if it’s still relevant...

I have Naim 252/SuperCap-DR/300-DR, with NDX2/XPS-DR plus analog front end. I’m using Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum and a pair of REL R-328. It’s a heavenly match. Dynaudios are very synergistic with Naim and play well with whatever music you throw at them. They’re great with everything. In the past I’ve also had Contour S1.4 and S3.4 with 282/HiCap/250. Also great stuff.