Naim Atom alternative?

Must have been over ten years since I last posted here - family life etc.and getting older taking a toll, I guess...which is partially the reason for my question, as I'd like to simplify things a bit.
To this end the new Naim Atom caught my attention, as I'd like to get such a streamer/DAC/pre-amp/power amp all rolled into one box. But preferably I'd also have a single box to which I could add an internal SSD drive. I believe, a HDD can be connected to the Atom via USB and they also have a dedicated file storage unit or one of the more expensive NAIM units even comes with an HDD. But that adds either more clutter or significantly increased cost. In terms of tcost, I'd actually prefer to go a bit cheaper.
As I'm a bit out of the loop, I was wondering, if there are alternatives to the Atom out there costing more around $1.5 - 2k and that would allow me to add an SSD (or that have one already integrated).
I think so - my advice would be to buy something relatively new as DACs are evolving rapidly

you need to decide if you will need DSD and at what bit rates (tho there seems to be little SQ increment over Redbook, you are likely to get a high quality mastering)

USB seems to be fairly problematic as an interface

people on this forum might be able to help: 

We are a Naim dealer, so here is our perspective on the Atom.

The Atom is way better then the lower priced tier of equipment.

Even though the Atom is one of Naims lowest cost items it is using amplification technology and digital technology out of much more expensive products.

The new analog preamplfication stage is actually based on new curcuitry which was developed for the Nac 272 which is a $6,0000 Dac/preap and for example.

The Atom offers a high current 40 watt amp, a superb preamp and dac, a comprehensive streaming engine, and lastly a fantastic easy to use app

The Atom also allows for all methods of modern streaming, via blu tooth, Google cast, Airplay. 

So if you consdier the life expectancy of how long you would keep the uinit which would be 7-10 years I think the cost savings of moving down stream vs the  long term satisfaction that this piece would bring you would be money well spent.

The Naim products are a joy to use and to listen to.

Dave and Troy 
Audio Doctor NJ
Thanks for the feedback. The Atom is not out of the picture, as it has much to offer indeed. But recently I read about one of the bigger units (Nova?), that their internal database is limited to 20,000 titles (e.g. when a USB device is hooked up). Is this also the case for the Atom? That would be an unfortunate limitation, as my collection currently has a bit over 20k titles (it's not growing much anymore, but I'd like to have at least everything available).