Naim Aro to replace my Schroder No. 2?

I'm currently using a Schroder No.2 (lifted from DPS TT) on my Nottingham Spacedeck and I read somewhere that Nottingham favours a unipivot arm like the Naim Aro (currently Stereophile Class A). I'm wondering if replacing my Schroder No.2 with a Naim Aro will be a positive move for me? Advice appreciated. Thanks.
What don't you like about the Model 2? I've A/B'd it on two-arm tables against several fine tonearms. It performed well and frankly embarrassed one or two competitors that cost alot more. IME it's a value leader at its price point. It's not the world's best, or even Frank's best, but it's a very good arm.

As for what someone "somewhere" said about compatibility with a Spacedeck, I say hogwash. Compatibility between tonearms and cartridges is absolutely vital. Between tonearms and tables? Not so much.

Provided the arm fits the table properly and doesn't unbalance the suspension (if any, not an issue with a Spacedeck) any arm bearing type will "suit" any table. You may prefer unipivots or fixed bearings or odd hybrids like a Schroeder, but the table it's on would have little to do with it. The interplay between tonearm bearing type and any decent table is fairly nonexistent. The idea that a table would "prefer" a unipivot vs. a fixed bearing (or vice-versa) is unsupported by anything I've observed, heard or read.

A cynic might suggest that Nottingham would hint at such a preference because that's the kind of arms they sell. Of course I wouldn't.

I suggest enjoying the nice arm you have unless/until you find something specific that it doesn't do right. Invest $110 in a Mint protractor and you'll get a 10X bigger sonic upgrade than any arm I've heard for under $4K. I don't know the Aro, but the justification you mentioned sounds like change for the sake of change.
Completely agree with Doug. Also, if it was lifted from a DPS it may be a highly upgraded version of the No.2 (usually Reference Magnets and Reference wiring) and even be a bit further up the Schroeder chain.
Dear Shsohis: Like Doug states is the tonearm/cartridge matching a little more important than the TT/tonearm one.

If your cartridge is performing good in your tonearm then IMHO you don't need to move anywhere other that a sure and precise change of tonearm that you can hear in your system and that you like it more.

If what you read does not have a " commom sense " explanation then it has no value.

Noitthingham and Naim are UK companies that like other UK ones support between each other, nothing wrong with that. Where do you read about? remember?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Contact me backchannel b/c I will buy your Schroder arm.

I have a Spacedeck, and I have used an SME IV, Micro Seiki MA 505, Moerch UP-4 and Moerch DP-6 on it. All sounded great, and only the UP-4 was a unipivot. The Spacedeck works well with any competent arm.

I have also owned a Naim ARO on my LP12, and did not like it at all, finding it thin, bright and bass light. The ARO divides opinion between those who like it a lot and those who can't bear it. Buying one would therefore be a risky proposition.

You already have a great arm and a great turntable - stop worrying and buy some records.
What everyone said before me. Keep the Schroeder and and enjoy your music.

Invest in a Mint LP arc protractor if you have not done so already (assuming that you don't already have an arc protractor). This will open your eyes and will likely be the best $100 you will have ever spent on a hi-fi system.

Thom @ Galibier