Naim and Magnepan

Anyone using or heard this combination?
I love what Naim does best, you know, the "PRAT" thing and was curious if any of it would be lost with the Maggies.
I would think the Maggies have a more laid back character and might not be a good match.

Maggies 1.6's take oodles of power to "open them up". Some comments about lack of bass, are due to the fact that many people are under-powering them. Figure AT LEAST 250 wpc (4 ohm load, which is nice, as this is closer to a resistive and not an impedence load). I was pushing 500 wpc [RMS], and NEVER had a problem with anemic bass. The 1.6's take a long time to break in, as well!
It could be the other way around, ribbons are very fast. The Naim will need to drive very fast and somewhat difficult 4ohm load without loss of PRAT on their end. Some amps can not maintain under stress, you could take your amp to a maggie dealer if there is one near you.
Thanks guys.
Sogood51: Im looking at a used pair of 1.6s so a dealer demo is out.

Fatparrot: Look what I found!
Read Victor's review. That little Nait got some set of balls! :^)
I've heard everything from people using SET amps as well as Fatparrots amp in driving Maggies. Im sure many variables are involved in just how much they need.

Thanks again guys
The Nait5 struggled with a ProAc Studio 125 (sounded thin with anemic bass). I've gotta believe that Maggies are a tougher load than the ProAcs, no?
i have a pair of SMG-A's and drive them with a Nap 140/NAC 92 and just love the sound...granted my listening area is small but i used to go from amp to amp and speaker to speaker now with this realized combination i no longer seek for that elusive sound...i finally found it...
1.6s while not a pure resistive load, do not have wacky reactance peaks and are therefore not a 'bad' load.
Try the Naim? If you do, please post back.
If not pushed, it should work fine.....and don't try to fill a huge space with sound, either.