NAIM and Focal Speakers

Is the NAIM good match for the Focal speakers (Chorus line)
or I should look into Bryston or NAD.
You might consider something like a Krell S-300i. I love the Krell / Focal pairing from Chorus to Utopia speakers.

I have the Chorus 836v speakers and have been extremely impressed with my Yaqin MC-30L amifier that has the upgraded blue tubes. I came really close to purchasing the Krell S-300i and feel like the much more affordable Yaqin gives me just as much joy as the Krell. The only difference is the Krell would have a lot more reserve for getting loud, but I don't find that I am lacking 99% of the time.
I should also note that I had a chance to hear my Yaqin next to one of the Naim all-in-one type units that cost multiples of the Yaqin and I was supremely unimpressed. It wasn't with Focal speakers, but the Yaqin clearly was the better sound in that comparison.