Naim Amp Wattage Ratings

3 years ago I moved and had to sell my beloved parasound monoblocs and transparent cables. My Sophia2s went in to storage for 2 months until i went nuts from the lack of audio and pulled them out. I went and bought a naim 5si on audiogon with some clear day cables. Come to find out it was one of the best matches i had ever had with my wilsons. Sure they lacked the transparency and soundstage of my previous system, but it had a very involving musical presentation. My wife, step son, and i found ourselves wanting to listen to music more often than watch tv.

We have since added on and have a 20x30 game room for movie and music. I was thinking of sticking with Naim, particularly the NAP 300, but concerned of it only having 90watts.
For you Naim users do you think this will be enough power?
As with any amplifier question, it all depends on how loud you
want to listen and whether the amp can handle Wilson's tough
impedance curve. IMO, the 300 would be an excellent match if
you listen at moderate volumes. I've heard the Sophias with
NAP 200 and thought they sounded horrible, but things improved
dramatically with the NAP 250, as the 250 has a regulated
supply, which handles the Wilsons much better. The whole
range was substantially better than with the 200. While I've
never heard the 300 with the Sophias, I have heard the 300
other speakers and it is remarkably transparent and powerful
sounding, much more so than the 250. So, IMO, the 300 would
a great match with the Sophias, as long as you don't expect
shattering volume. BTW, I cannot imagine the Nait 5 with the
Sophias, but if you think that's good, the 300 will definitely
be a few steps up. Another BTW - I hope you are intending to
buy a good Naim preamp with the 300. At least a 282 or
The Sophia's aren't as bad as other Wilsons, sure they drop to 3ohms at 150hz but the - Phase angle at that frequency is almost 0 degrees. So the load is not that bad for an amp. And they're average efficiency as well.

The Naim NAP-300 will be quite comfortable driving these.


Cheers George
Thanks for your input guys! I'm going to audition some Ayre equipment as well and decide from there.
"02-03-15: Rshad0000
Thanks for your input guys! I'm going to audition some Ayre equipment as well and decide from there."

That's a much better idea. Just get a V-5 and you're done.
I'm looking at the AX-5 Twenty. I should be able to listen to it in a couple of weeks.