Naim 5si integrated?? The reviews are good but is it still current in performance

I am downsizing from separates to an integrated amp. I have read  several very good reviews of the Naim 5si,over the years, but its power seems low considering some of the power requirements of even medium size room, 

Need to get some feedback from current or previous owners about its sound quality. Often reviewers mention the  "PRAT" factor of its sound , that is, rhythm and timing. I am not sure what the "P:" and "A" indicate.

I have also considered the Bel Canto 300i  which is  older in design (2009) but is more power and less inputs which I don't need.


Thank you




One never knows until one has heard a given component in one's  listening room paired with intended ancillary components.  


To arafiq and Alvin 1118,

Thank you for the information. It is good to know there is a  Kinki Studio audio the USA. It might made a decision a bit easier

However,member "PS" has some words of wisdom regarding buying before listening  I have done this once or twice, and luckily never got burned




@sunnyjim Completely agree with the ’listen before you buy’ mantra. Although, it is getting very difficult, if not impossible, in today’s environment.

Either way, I was offering my experience having compared Naim and Kinki in my own system. IMO, Kinki sounds better and offers better value than Naim 5si and Supernait 3. Of course, it is not the only game in town. If you can audition in your own system before you buy, there’s nothing like it.

To arafig, 

I really appreciated comments especially in regards to these two particular brands. I always thought that the accolades for the Naim 5s and then the 5i seemed a bit  over the top, especially since their power rating  was only 60 RMS 

I learned over the last 50 years I have been involved in audio, that finesse is great, but power and high damping factor can produce better sound even with higher efficiency speakers