Naim 5si integrated?? The reviews are good but is it still current in performance

I am downsizing from separates to an integrated amp. I have read  several very good reviews of the Naim 5si,over the years, but its power seems low considering some of the power requirements of even medium size room, 

Need to get some feedback from current or previous owners about its sound quality. Often reviewers mention the  "PRAT" factor of its sound , that is, rhythm and timing. I am not sure what the "P:" and "A" indicate.

I have also considered the Bel Canto 300i  which is  older in design (2009) but is more power and less inputs which I don't need.


Thank you




I heard the 5si and briefly owned the Supernait 3. Wasn't impressed given the competition at better price points. For just a little bit more, Kinki Studio EX-M1 runs circles around both Naim models I mentioned.

AFAIK, PRaT stands for pace, rhythm, and timing.

  Thank you the info and the tip about the Kinki Studio EX M-1  I will check out their website.

To arafig,  

I checked out the website of the Kinki Studio EM I integrated amp. and according to you can run circle around Naim 5si  I looks very nice, But there some problems of ownership ( whether or used) . The company is mainland China and the question is who would do warranty on this unit should it require.service. In warranty or out of, shipping  back to the factory and  return would be astronomical. which would not be the case with Naim products, or other American/ British based products. Reviews of the product are good, but  it could be a gamble to own one without possibly buyer's remorse 

@sunnyjim i suggest you reach out to @alvin1118 for any concerns about servicing. He is also the distributor for Denafrips which provided servicing in TX. Maybe they can handle Kinki as well, worth asking. 

if you get a chance read Steve Huff’s review … he was mighty impressed with it. 

BTW, I have zero financial or any other interest in Kinki Studio :)

Thanks for the call out @arafiq .


Sorry to hijack this thread but I thought I should mention that we have a Kinki Studio products dealer in Texas, USA. Servicing of the products can be done within the stateside. I just like to clarify this point. Peace :)



Alvin Chee @ Vinshine Audio (Singapore)