Naim 5i

Looking for feedback on the compatibility of the Naim 5i with Totem Hawk speakers. I am looking for a detailed dynamic sound. Bass doesn't have to be extremely deep but at least be tight. My current system consists of a NAD C372 Totem Hawk and Rega Apollo. The NAD has a very good sound however I still feel that I'm missing some of the inner details of the music. Appreciate any input.
Don't know about "inner details" Naim is not known for that sort of thing.
You will get a better sound that may make you want to get up and dance.
Naim and Totem work very well together. Many dealers carry both. I believe Totem has used Naim gear at shows to demo their speakers.
electrocompaniet e3 used....the naim and nad are more alike than different.
If you're looking for detail try a Cyrus 8vs2 - probably a nice match to Totem...
also, excellent match for Hawks: Simaudio i-3 or, even better, i-5.

Cyrus is really fast and detailed, so that is a good recommendation for audition as well.
Agree completely with Muzikat. I love the Naim 5i with Totems, and it will sound different than your NAD.

But try these for "inner details":

Simaudio Moon i-1 or used Moon i-3

Primare I21 or used Primare A30

Anything you could find and afford from Blue Circle.
Must chime in here about Jaybo's remark. With all due respect, it is off the mark, I have 20 years experience with both NAD and Naim. They are very, very different.
I had the NAD and now have the Naim, they are very different!