Naim 3.5 vs Wadia 830...or wait?

I've narrowed my search for a cd player down to either the Naim 3.5 (with power supply) or the Wadia 830. These two units meet several different criteria: 1) I like the sound quality of both units, while neither can be considered (in absolute terms)as top of the line players, they both possess the attributes of top of the line players such as musicality, definition, pace, etc., and 2) in today's high end market they come close to representing bargains. Any thoughts regarding the two units? Or, should I wait until the Naim 5.0 and Wadia 831 are released before making a decision (even though I would purchase the 3.5 and the 830 used and at considerable savings)?
I recently bought a used Wadia 830. I think it is a great cd player. I previousely had an Adcom GCD750. While the Adcom is a steal for $750 used, The Wadia is more transparent, musical and natural. I would recommend it to anyone looking in $2000 range for a used player. I doubt it gets much better if you spend $4000. I listened to the Krell and Meridian in that price range and prefer the Wadia
Suggest you get the 830 and then contact Steve Huntley @ and let him upgrade it. Huntley used to work for Wadia, and he has several levels of upgrades depending on your budget, but when he is done you will have a player that is competitive with the best Wadia has to offer for quite a bit less money. Regards...