NAIM 282/250DR/HC2DR against Accuphase E5000

Hi, I’m building a system again from scratch after a divorce. My speakers will be Kudos Titan 606. Contemplating integrated Accuphase E5000 vs separates NAIM 282/HCDR/250DR.

I hear both are a good match to the 606, in my country I can get a better discount on Accuphase and so the prices are E5000 USD $11,400 vs the NAIM combo. USD$ 14,250.


I like most music except jazz and most classical.


Can’t comment on Accuphase, but the 282 preamp improves dramatically with a second high cap and much more with a supercap. The 250 has only 80 watts while the Accuphase has 240(?). remember the Naim will involve a lot of boxes, cables and Naim speaker wires for the amp to be stable. Are you ready for that? Plus the Kudos are not very efficient, so they can use the power, especially because you are not a jazz or classical fan, which sounds like you want volume and impact. IMO, go for the Accuphase. Simple, powerful, tone controls. After a divorce, maybe simpler is better. 

Thanks for that, the E5000 only really got my interest due to the Kudos UK had the 707 (yes not the 606, but similar I guess) and Accuphase E5000 paired up at a recent HiFi Show and it was a hit apparently.

I had a NAIM 252/300/NDS system and the cable jungle did drive me crazy at times. The price increases over the years with Naim has gotten way out of control TBH. It’s not longer remotely affordable - even their low -mid level stuff like what I’m looking at. Their only VFM product now is the SN3 and I’m not sure that’s appropriate for the Kudos 606 TBH.

IMO, I’d you owned a 252/300, you will not be happy with the 282/250, especially without a supercap. I just paired down from 3 boxes to an integrated with dac and I really appreciate the simplicity. The integrated cost more than the separates and I think it sounds better. Also, don’t forget the tone controls. Nice to have when you need them. 

Naim integrateds are not very good. True Naim quality starts from 282/250DR in my book. If you want to go integrated, look at other alternatives such as Accuphase, Luxman, Pass Labs etc.

The Accuphase E-5000 and Naim 282/250DR would sound quite different. GENERALLY, Accuphase is more to refined, warm and glowing midrange and treble. Naim is more to pace, rhythm and dynamics. Nothing beats a home demo in your room, with your speakers.

@ryder - I wasn’t talking about a Naim integrated. You are correct that they can’t approach the quality once you reach the 282/250 level. I don’t think the OP would be satisfied with a Naim integrated. 

Ryder hit the nail on the head here, I have either had or currently own both of the systems youre comparing.  Both are powerful, but the Accu is more refined and grown up sounding, the Naim is more energetic and presents a big stage.  What was missed is that the Accu is dead quiet at idle, no hum, hiss or buzz anywhere while the Naim, and all of them, hiss quite a bit.

Thanks all, looks like the Accuphase E5000 is the one for me. Especially for the price against the 282/250/HC combo. that VFM is very, very poor in my country.


Chayro, May I ask what Integrated amp. you went with ?

I am using a Heed Lagrange with the dac card. I simplified my previous system which was the Heed Obelisk integrated with the optional power supply and the Heed Abacus dac. Very good, but too many boxes and cables for me. The Lagrange is a very nice amp, but I think it would be underpowered for your purposes, as it’s only 60 wpc. Plenty for me though. 

Nice, I’m not familiar with that, but I’m sure it’s a wonderful combination. Another even more simple and reduced cables/boxes was an active speaker set up. The ATC SCM50A and say Benchmark LA4 preamp was suggested by my dealer. Not sure I would want to lock myself into active speakers though…

@chayro I was not referring to your post when I made the comment. I was referring to the OP’s post mentioning about the Supernait 3. Yes, I agree that the result with the SN3 wouldn’t be too good when it's matched with the Kudos speaker.

Most Naim owners who have Kudos Titan 606 or larger floorstanders use 252/300 or 552/300 with the speakers.