Naim ?

Does anyone own one of these CD players? I've heard great things, but have never auditioned one of these. They have a great reputation, but few people seem to own them or even know of this brand. And by the way, how the hell do you pronounce the word Naim ? Is it pronounced like NAME? Or NAEM?
It's pronounced "NAME". Their stuff is good but can get pricey when you add their upgraded power supplies.
It's "name" like my name in David. Kind of a joke by the founder who couldn't figure out a Naim for his company. I have heard the Naim CDx5 and CDx2. Wonderful CDP's. I found them to be extrememly musical, wonderful range and very easy to listen to. Some CDP's I think sound a little sterile, analytical and I like the Naim's for their musical mellow quality without giving up detail or range. I listen mostly to vinyl but do also listen to CD and would love to have a Naim CDx2 but the financial powers have said no for now.
I have the CDX2 with the XPSII, to suggest that "few people seen to own them" is a little off base...

They are very popular, however, much more so in Europe.

The compo I have is the only staple in my system that I have no intention to swap out...

BTW: Google "naim forums"....See you there..
I have both cdx and cd3.5 and both are excellent very musical with top notch prat. Best with comparable electronics. excellent results witn all Naim systems but many prefer with British or Canadian speakers. Most Naim is upgradable.
I wanted one of these but couldn't remember the Naim when I went into the store.
You would think with all of the fore-thought that would have to go into the design of electronics, that Naim would have put more thought into their "name"... MERRY CHRISTMAS
For me, the recent vintage electronics are a bit pricey for what you get. I'd only consider if driving a nice two way monitor like the Spendors or Harbeth line. The CD players are something else indeed. Also expensive but to my ears some of the best digital out there. I've currently got a CDX2 in my system and it rivals a high quality analogue rig--and that is without the separate power supply. All their stuff is really well made and Naim is a company that totally stands by and supports their gear. I had a 62/HiCap/140 for years and was thrilled with the performance and service.
Thanks for the good advice.