Nagra VPS vs ARC PH7 vs Allnic H1500 SE


I am in the process of upgrading my phonostage. I have an all tube system based on Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers and Wavac EC-300B amplifier, preamp is a Shindo Aurieges. My phonostage is RCM Sensor Prelude, the only solid state component. I want to go with a tube phonstage. Where I live I can handily find one of these tube phonostages:

1. Nagra VPS
2. ARC PH7
3. Allnic H1500 II SE plus

I like my music to be fast and dynamic without losing the natural flow. I listen to a lot of 50's and 60's music, where flow of melody is as important as dynamics and transparency. Has anyone compared any of these phonostages or listened to them in a known environment ? Please advise with your experiences.

My current cartridge is Lyra Skala
Hi I own a Nagra VPS (on a Nagra VFS platform which I feel is essential for this phono stage).

I've listened to the ARC Ref2 SE phono in another system but it wasn't enough to sway me into a demo at home.

I have had a Allnic H3000v at home. This phono stage is excellent. Little better resolution than the Nagra, better weight on each note, better placement of the instruments in space, however it isn't as transparent in the mids to top end. It's a bit darker in direct comparison from the mids on up. Dynamics and flow seems about the I have heard the Allnic H3000 in 2 systems my friends own. I would NEVER say it was dark in those systems...

The Nagra vs Allnic was in my system using a Lyra Atlas.

If you're looking at sub 10K usd phono stage, the Nagra is very hard to beat. Above 10K I think it's going to have competition from Allnic and others...
How does a Herron VTPH-2 compare to these phono stages?
Hi there is a new Nagra VPS review posted a few days ago...
Dear Pani: Maybe I'm wrong but in your other thread seems to me that you were happy with your today phono stage.

In that thread Dover posted that the best you can do is change that PS and I agree with him because the RCM was designed and building around IC chips that handle very high feedback and you can hear it and not for the better. In the other side the RIAA eq. frequency deviation is to high too and faraway to be a " reference ".
Try to remember that ina PS you need first than all accuracy and a neutral performer and these means: very low noise and distortions. It's inj the PS where the cartridge signal " suffer " the greates manipulation that degrade the signal and after the PS link you can't do nothing to improve that signal or to return it to original status.

I think that all of us who cares about MUSIC and quality MUSIC performance on playback made several mistakes/errors choosing different audio items/links in the audio system chain and I think you already did it with your today unit and now IMHO you are ready to acieve a second mistake a pricey mistake when you want one of those tube units that certainly are not accurate and not neutral ones and not fasts as you ask and as a PS must be, along that all those unit use SUTs that normally degrade the cartridge signal.

I think that you can analize some other alternatives ( even if you can get easy in your place. Because: what do you want? a real better cartridge signal performance level or only " sound "? , all audio items makes " sound " but only the best designs makes quality sound. ) looking for an active high gain phonolinepreamp, an integrated unit. Your Shindo collaborate to degrade the cartridge signal too as the IC cables between the PS and the Shindo and you don't want that: right?

Yes, the 95% of options are solid state ones.

Of course this is only an opinion and at the end the mpney and the targets to achieve are yours and this is what's more important.

Regards and enjoy the music,