Nagra VPS or Tron Seven Ref phono stages?

My cartridge is a Clearaudio Accurate; best settings 400 ohms loading 50-60dB gain

Comparison of the two please from anyone who has experience of both

Thanks in advance
Both are nothing special. The Nagra VPS is one of the worst I ever listened to. Remove the cover and look inside, there is nearly nothing in it. And the pricing for the additional 2. phono input is real High End :-)
The Tron is the better choice of the two. No real soundstage but loud...
I have a Nagra VPS, also several reviews you can check out for what that is worth (Tone Audio, Stereophile etc)

Syntax has likely heard more phono stages than me, so maybe he has a point...

The Nagra VPS is my system is pretty nice...wonderful soundstage, coherent, seems to do most everything right. It replaced a BAT VKP10 SE a few years ago...

The Nagra really needs the VFS base and a good power cord. I am in the process of moving to battery power (using a red wine audio black lightning) which lowers the noise floor.

Several others here have the Tron, I've been curious on this one also as I do have a lower output cartridge.

Syntax...curious what phono stages you do like..especially with a .2mv cart in my case...tubes preferred.....
I would like to hear your opinion Syntax as to what you feel is better.
what about manley labs steelhead or lamm lp2?
The Nagra VFS... is pretty expensive as a anti-vibration platform. What impacts did you get with this? Hopefully not a cleaner, sterile, thinner sound....
Cleans up the soundstage and brings out more relaxed and warm sound but a bit more detail due to lower noise floor, I agree it's pricey, but really looks good not more clean/sterile for sure...

I suspect something like a symposium ultra or gran prix apex footers are also great idea for less $
I too own a PL-L and it is located on a Grand Prix Audio Monaco rack with F1 shelves. Despite my skepticism, the VFS actually improved the presentation in ways similar to what Jfrech mentioned over placing it on the Monaco directly. I purchased it.
...what about manley labs steelhead or lamm lp2?

These are something different.They do a lot of things right (tone, staging, swing, body, size, time differences...) but of course it depends on you what you expect and demand. The Steelhead is interesting, there is much worse out there. The Lamm LP2 is a unit you will only know how good it is when you know what others do wrong. Lamm offers that one in a - non promoted series for the fanatic low output MC owner - high gain version, 70dB without extra pricing instead of 58dB.... 'nuff said :-)
I haven't heard the Nagra, but I have heard the TRON. Anyway forget what I've heard. Thomas Woschnick (the TW Acustic turntable designer) uses a TRON Seven Reference in his own system. Apparently he wouldn't let GT take the TRON back to the UK after GT brought it to his home to listen to last year. Now I would trust TW's judgement.
My 2 cents.. My system consists of: Mcintosch C2300 Preamp, 2 MC2000 tube amps, 1 MC352, JBL 4345,s Modded Khorns (alk xtreme slope crossovers, crites tweeter, alk trachorn, JBL 2470 drivers,solid silver wire)Basis debut sig, Vaccum tablr, Graham Phantom11, Van den Hul colibri's Dynavector XV1S. I've owned Sutherland PHD, sold it after heard the Manley steelhead 11, bought that, then got my C2300 Mac, (actually liked the phono section better than the Manley)! Then I heard the the Tron 7 reference...HAD to have it and DID! Not lookin for anything else, soundstage is awesome in my system. I usee Telefunken ECC803's, and ECC801S....
The TRON is made to order, like a Savile Row suit. Speak to GT (via Jeffrey or with Jeffrey's help) and you will get a TRON perfectly matched to your cart's gain and impedance. It might take a few weeks to arrive, but bespoke tailoring takes that long too.
Hi Tjnif,

That's interesting that you preferred the Mac phono to the Steelhead. I had a C2300 and Steelhead II in the same system and liked the Steelhead way more. It is substantially improved by tube rolling. But irrespective of what I rolled into the Mac, I felt it couldn't touch the Steelhead. Just goes to show, it's all system- and ear-dependent.
Well...I really went back and forth for some time... Tube rolling EVERY option possible ( yea...,I'm stupid that way) I settled for the C2300 w/ Telefuknen ECC803s tubes installed. The soundstage was remarkable to say the least! I must be honest here....the Tron w/ same tube configurations as i posted wasnt "that much" better, but enough "for me" to incorporate it. I actually wish I NEVER heard the Tron as I would be happy! Thats why I WON'T listewn to anything else! If I ever upgrade to the C500 or C1000 MAC tube preamp I would probably sell the Tron,..