Nagra VPS MM configuration

Has anyone configured their MM input on the VPS? I have a Kondo IO-m and the Kondo SUT and am having a hard time setting it up right. There's a "haze" around the music (vocal in particular) that sounds like distortion. Not sure if I'm configuring it right and I'm certain I don't have the right load. The cartridge directly into the MC (no SUT in path) sounds great.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, this maybe a stupid question...but do you have the MM card vs the MC card? If not, just taking the trannies out via the jumpers and having the unit on the low gain setting may still be overloading the phono stage...
yes ;) i do have MM...but it sounds terrible despite trying various resistors (or not). Do you have a MM input, or both MC?
(had to ask-you never know ;-)

Just MC, but I am about to try the path your on, using a low output (.18-.2 mv) Allaerts MC 2 FInish. I suspect a outboard trannie may help. Although it sounds pretty good as it is.

(just some tube rush-it has helped me trace down all sorts of noise floor items. like moving the power supply from about 6 inches away to about 6 feet away, upgrading power cord, tweeking cable placement etc)

My dealer also has a request into Nagra to custom wind trannies with a bit more gain. I'd love to try this approach and I hope Nagra considers it-happy to pay a fee here. Maybe if a few of us contact em....

What output is your Kondo and what gain is the SUT?

(ps, hope someone gives u a better answer :)