NAGRA VPA monoblocks

I am looking to buy the Nagra VPA monoblocks, wanted to know the experiences that other owners had.

I have the Amphion Xenon's for speakers. I use transparent reference mm cables for interconnects and speaker. Shunyata V-RAY and shunyata anaconda helix and anaconda matrix power cables, I have T + A tube pre-amp and tube CD player.

please provide your inputs and exoeriences with any setup that you have with NAGRA
They are sublime. I love mine. I bought my VPA's 3 years ago, and will live them for at least another 10 years.

I heard them in my system, my dealer brought them by with a PLL and a VPS. The VPS never left (well a new one showed up very soon). The combo of the PLL and VPA's were the best my system EVER sounded.
Very good amp. A close friend of mine owns a pair.
thanks guys.
i think vpa are very good sweet sound but in mine oppinion not enaf power for xenons hans