Nagra T-Audio - Advice Needed

We have come upon a Nagra T-Audio system that we're currently in the process of gathering information on. We're waiting for official information we've requested on this unit but due to its age and nature, it could take some time to know for certain.

If anyone is able to give some suggestions as to what to do with this, what it might be worth, if it seems to be missing anything or the best way to go about testing it out I would certainly appreciate any help or feedback from someone more knowledgable about these than what I've been able to dig up so far.

What we have:

T-Audio Main Unit with Lid
T-Audio TC Keyboard
TA-TC Taco-D Time Code & Pilot Sync Monitoring Module
TA Taco-M1 Monitoring Module
TMU Mobile Unit (Rolling Rack)

What we've been told so far by an official rep:

They believe it's a Nagra T Time Code but with the older keyboard.
Load with 3 Speed 7 1/2, 3 3/4, and 15 IPS NAB EQ and one 30 IPS AES EQ
High Stability Time Base (Option)
Serial I/O (Option)

What we suspect:

I believe from the information I've been given it is the NTA-2TC – SMPTE Time code model
loaded with options that later became more standard. We are uncertain however one of the cards does indicate the SMPTE Time Code though others we've seen of this model do not seem to have the Serial I/O.

What we know:

Not much. This unit was stored away in a studio attic and forgotten about. This unit was found during a project to clean out this attic that had no elevator access and has been in storage for a very long time.

Here's a link to my dropbox folder with pictures of the unit.
Dan ’Doc B’ Schmalle of the Bottlehead forum was designated by Nagra to be the Nagra tape deck tech for the USA. not sure he is still doing that, but still likely the guy to contact for help with a Nagra T.

i owned a pristine Nagra T ’Time-code’ deck in 2011 for about 6 months. it’s complexity caused me to sell it before it failed. it was a work of industrial art.......super cool to touch and use. however; my Studer’s performed better for playing tapes. the Nagra’s were built for very specific duties. i had acquired mine from a Film industry colorist.

good luck, the Nagra T is not for a casual user. unless you are prepared to have an expensive paper weight. very few people are able to work on them.
Thank you for the feedback. It's certainly been an experience thus far but fortunately, we've found people at Nagra willing to be helpful. We have a lot more updated info now.
I wanted to update the post but I am unable to so I'll just add that we have confirmed with Nagra is the NTA-2TC – SMPTE Time code model with all available options.

We decided to look up the best we could and test the unit and found it to be semi-working. Has what the net refers to as a "stutter". When in regular play mode the unit clicks and the sound cuts in/out, which is due to not being able to keep proper tension on the tape. Some on the net say it is due to a bad motor/capstan clutch, which has components that wear out over time but we do not know for sure.

The servo trim control slips a little when manually trimming a tape forward with the dial but works fine going backwards, so the issue causing the stutter may have to do with the motor/clutch on the takeup side.

If you manually run the tape forward using the frame buttons under the Display section the audio plays fine without any stutter or tension issues.

RW, FF, PLAY, Go to 0, Counter Reset, Free Spool, Servo, Trim Dial, Load buttons all work. Speakers on the keyboard and the Monitoring module all work. Meters works. Time counter works. Speed / Standard & Tape also work.

I could not see any settings change hitting the Ready, Safe, Sync, Repro and Channels buttons, (Channel 1 button has some damage. sticks sometimes but seems OK)

Hi ntctech.  I have a machine with the same "stutter".  Was hoping you could share any progress made in solving the issue.