Nagra PLP tube rolling just phono ?

iam only using the phono stage in my plp, in order to tube roll would i have to change the line stage tubes as well ?
how many tubes in it? I have a PLL and it has 1 12AT7 and 2 12AX7's.
The plp has 2 tubes in the phono 1 x 12at7 1 x 12ax7
in the line stage there are 4 x 12ax7 and 2 12at7. When you switch to the linestage the phono tubes switch off to prolong thir life. Does the phono stage go through the linestage if so i suppose i would have to roll the line stage as well.
Yes, the line stage tube will be in use if you were using phono only. Try Mazda 12ax7, I like it.