Nagra PL-L

Any views on this preamp?

I have auditioned it, like it, want it but want to listen to similar price range pre amps.

Any comments are welcome.
I have listened to the PL L, my BAT VK 51SE and the Aesthetix Callisto extensively. I have not had the Callisto in my system, but have heard it next to the others and in 3 systems I am very familiar with.

The PL L is a fantastic preamp. Especially for it's size and # of tubes. Very transparent, dynamic, truthful. Not a single gripe about it.

My BAT VK51SE has a little more weight in the mids, little less transparency, these two are 6 of one 1/2 dozen the other in my opinion. The BAT REX is in a different league than the 51SE. It is a truly special.

The Aesthetix really has a wonderfully large enveloping soundstange and combines the best of the transparency and weight of both the BAT and Nagra. It costs more and had a lot of tubes, needs 2-3 shelves worth of space on your rack.

The Aesthetix is just nice to use, the controls have that firm "feel" to them. BAT is built like a tank. If your into green, the Nagra must be pretty energy efficient and has very little heat output. I don't really like the Nagra remote. Very complete, just I don't need that much control on a remote - my personal tastes here. As I could live without a remote...

You really can't go wrong with any of these. I do think the Nagra is quite special. In the right system, it's amazing. Tone Audio just did a review a issue or two ago. At my dealer, I heard the PL L, the Nagra VPS with a Luxmann SS amp on Wilson X2 Alexandria's. That was litterly the 2nd best system I've ever heard in my life. Tops for me goes to a system in Dallas ...