Nagra Jazz

does anyone own a Nagra Jazz? I have just bought one second hand and simply love it. But, I was just takes a very long time for the unit to "un-mute" after it has been turned on. Is this normal?
Thank you!
cheers, Wim
I used to own a Nagra PLL and still own a Nagra VPS/MPS/VFS and recently purchased a Nagra Classic amp.

Should be ~1-2 minutes.  This is normal is it's slowly starting to prolong tube life.

You have one of the worlds best preamps, congrats !
Hi Jfrech! We talked earlier about Nagra. Thank you very much for your answer! I now have the Jazz and CDP. At the end of the week they will be joined by the Classic Amp which you have also also bought if I remember correctly.
Wim, you'll love the Classic amp !  It's a very special piece!
Thank you John! Have you ever felt the itch to buy a second one in order to use it in a bridged configuration? 
Not yet.  And I have a big room and speakers with a tough load - this amp is really good.  Just saw a review on if you want to get a 2nd opinion...
Thanks, John. Tomorrow is the big day :-) Are you using the VFS platform?
Yes on my Nagra VPS.  Makes a real difference.   I am not on my Nagra MPS or Classic amp.  I've heard the VFS  under the Jazz at my dealer...(and when I had my PLL I had a 2nd VFS) it's easy to hear the benefits and ditto under the MPS (tried this at my dealer too).  My dealer does have the larger VFS for the Classic, I am sure he'll bring it by one day soon :-)

Good luck tomorrow.  It takes a bit of break in...will sound good from the start...but get better in a few weeks.  I just let my Classic play 24x7 for 2-3 weeks.  It relaxes, more ease, more resolution...more weight on the notes.
Hi John,
can |I send you a private email with some questions about the Classic?

sure.  can you try here on a-gon mail system first?
I can't find a way to use the mail system here... My email address is: Thanks!