Nagra electronics with Proac D40r

Hello all! 

First time poster, but long long LONG time follower at the forums... Thank you all for the breadth of your knowledge! 

Recently I have come across the opportunity to buy a demo Nagra Pl-l preamp paired with the vpa monoblocks.  

I'm worried about the ability to drive my d40R's (nominal impedance 4 ohms), especially in terms of the bass. 

Room is about 14'x18' . And to some extent I would have to get them sight unseen. Seller commits to take them back if there is some defect, but no synergy between components is not really a defect, hence my asking here... 

What are people's opinions on the Nagra's ability to drive the proacs?

Thanks in advance for your response! 

I own Proac D-40r speakers and based on my experience I think the Nagra amps would work with the Proac speakers, but would not drive them to high volume. I had Quicksilver V-4 amps and while great did not have the bass grip I wanted. If you listen at moderate volume they should sound great. If you want to play a lot of rock and symphonic music at fairly high volume levels, they may not be the perfect choice. That said I have not heard the Nagra amps so take my comments on power and tube amps in general as my opinions and best guess.
Jperry, Thank you for taking the time out to respond. 

The sound levels that I listen to are about 90 dB at my listening position about 16 ft away. Rock and jazz. So those are not crazy levels but loud. 

Currently I'm running the classe dr 25 on them and the volume knob can not be pushed beyond 10 o clock. 

My fear is that, though I'm convinced of the details, separation and perhaps even spaciousness, I don't want to end up with a thin sounding system. 

Other inputs are appreciated.  


The D40R sensitivity is rated at 90db & a drive recommendation of 10W - 250W so you should be ok at moderate levels with the VPA but as jperry mentioned, if you want to crank it with rock I would consider something else.
Have you got alternatives that you're considering? 
Can someone clarify what does it mean by recommended power and Ohms.
Some loudspeakers indicate 4 ohms and recommended power is 50-180W. But others indicate 8 ohms 80-250W. Which loudspeaker is more sensitive? Most Audio Physic and Dynaudio are 4 ohms. Somc ProAcs are 8 ohms, while others are 4 ohms. How do they come up with this number?

Based on your comments I think the Nagra will work for you. I try to buy used equipment at prices that will allow me to resell at break even or a minor loss. If you do that and the Nagra equipment doesn't work for you just sell it and move on with your search. 

As a fellow Proac D-40r owner wishing you the best of luck. Take a look at my system. I have a room slightly smaller than yours.

Best Regards,

Jim Perry

That's good to hear! And thanks...

At the price, I think the Nagra is well worth it... Though I still have to put some funds together, I think I will pull the trigger. If I don't like them, I can just blame you! :)

Unfortunately, reselling in Pakistan is very difficult.  It's a buyer's market and you inevitably end up taking a hit while selling.... But such is the price one pays for this passion...

Thanks to all for responding and helping... Will post up here if and when I buy them...

Fauzi Garib

Just didn't want to leave a loose end untied. . So I pulled the trigger, and suffice it to say, my fears were all unfounded. These play the d40r with ease and at louder levels than I will ever use. . . 

Thanks to all for your feedback, especially Jim Perry! 

One question: All the research I did on the Pl-l preamp show 5 positions on the input selector switch, other than Off; A, B, C, D and R, the last one being for remote input selection. My Pll doesn't have the R, and dealer claims that there were some models that came without Remote Input Selection. Can someone confirm or deny this? 

Fauzi Garib 

Very glad to hear that the Nagra gear sounds great with your Proac speakers. I have had the opportunity to hear some of the Nagra gear in the meanwhile and they clearly make an excellent product.

Congrats on your purchase.

Best Regards,

Jim Perry