Nagra BPS - battery powered phono stage

Hello does not show off yet on their web site. I saw picture and a review on Audioreview, Italian magazine. They said it is an exclusive premiere review.
They conclude it has the Nagra sound and its price performance is great (abt 3000 USD)
Anybody heard it so far? I can mail pictures and details if interested but only thursday evening or friday as I have no time earlier to scan the magazine.
Hi, I'd love to see some more info.

I have been wondering if Nagra will offer a battery option for their VPS and PLL phono and line stages(in addition to the AC power supply).
Forgot to say that on their web site, nothing more that the issue cover is showed. That's why I need some homework. It was not to make things more complicated than pointing to a web site.
I have prepared the pictures for the ones interested. The reviewer compared it against his Audio Research reference. Although the reference, according to him, its a better sounding unit, the BPS seems not to be far from tie reference. in other words they say it has a fantastic price performance ratio.
Soundstage has some pictures online:

Nagra BPS