Hello all, years gone by I worked for Marcof, some of you may remember the moving coil head amps. At one time Nagoaka asked us to develop a Head Amp for this cartridge. They sent us one, we did a few hours of testing, but only 2 or so hours of listening. So I have a Nagatron HV9100 Ribbon phono cartridge in mint condition in its original box and it is completely spec'd out with full graphs....
It has been gone so long.... Thinking about selling it off, anyone out there have an idea of its value? If it is worth much, I'll list it for sale here, If not, it has been resting fine. Thanks for any replies. Tim
Well, I'm surprised that I haven't heard from anyone... I'm not looking for offers, this isn't a subversive attempt to sell this. The question is straight forward. I recall it being a very nice sounding cartridge... and you won't find many ribbons out there. Any help or advice would really be appreciated.
I have one with a broken cantilever. Have been looking for another to see what they are about. No idea of what their value is... maybe try ebay and let the market decide.

Really rare or esoteric things can be all over the map. If you find the right buyer you can do well but there is also he chance of little to no interest.

You should ask your question over at Audio Asylum,you will get an answer over at the Vinyl Asylum section! Hope that helps!
Thank Yogiboy, Yea, I thought of Vinyl asylum, I was just thinking that if it was worth it, that I would list it here, so I posted the question here... it is really a fine low output ribbon cartridge, I have hand spec'd full curves, I hate to leave it sitting in the box forever, someone should enjoy it, but chiming in is appreciated.
Hi intactaudio,
I hear ya, don't mind giving someone a deal, but don't want to give it away. If I can't get something decent out of it, Sooner or later, I'll mount it.... I remember at the time, it competed favorably to the NAK 1000, just too long ago and too little listening to it for any specifics.
Well Vinyl Engine says it was $400 new but doesn't mention if the pre-preamp was included. It also mentions that it is "rare" I for one would like to hear any info on this cartridge and have been digging with little real info being found.

please give a heads up here before you list it since I do not follow the classifieds. Also any more info would be greatly appreciated since 99.99% of vinyl junkies have never heard of a ribbon cartridge.


Hello vinyl junkies,  I've decided to go ahead and sell this Excellent Ribbon cartridge.  I've had a couple inquiries come through private messaging about this... I've looked up all the data that I could find from years gone by from when we tested it. 

The cartridge is obviously mint, you could call it New Old stock.  it is in its original packaging with full hand spec'd sheet included. The foam that is was packaged in is disintegrating, but other that that everything is fine.

We played this about 2 hours total and that was only testing to get the very best out of it.  The cartridge, when ran on a what you would consider normal impedances had a peak at 8k or so,  but we found that when ran on 1.5 to maybe 3 ohms,  the peak was gone and this thing was flat, smooth and detailed. The peak with higher impedances could be tamed with a cap across the outputs. It required a minimum gain of about 30db and really liked more like 40.  This is as rare of a find as there is and will perform with the best out there when loaded correctly.

That's the basics,  so now about selling it... I've never sold here on Audiogon... Listing here -- does it work like the ebay?  can I put a reserve on bids?   or can I do bids with a buy it now kinda thing?  This forum overall has been good for me and If I can work it like ebay which I am so familiar with, I'd rather sell it here. 

Any advice is appreciated.


Dear Tim,

Do you still have your nagatron HV9100 to sell ? I am interested !

Hi Joseph,
    Sorry, I never got any responses, finally just put it up on bids on ebay about 8 months ago,  went for $550. The guy who has it has emailed me a few times, he loves it.
Hi Tim,

What a pity ! Ribbon cartridges are not easy to find , this one was sold in Japan as the Jeweltone JT-RII , I have seen a Denon patent for a ribbon cartridge , but it never went into production. It seems that the JT-RII was designed by Sugano , who later designed the Koetsus ( according to Jean Hiraga ).