Nagaoka MP-500 or Ortofon 2M Black?

Hi guys,

Which would perform better in a re-plinthed Lenco L75 with Rega RB-250 arm with Pete Riggle VTAF & MItchell Technoweight? I cannot seem to find the dynamic compliance for Nagaoka MP-500, some listed as 20cu (not sure if static or dynamic), other listed as 8.5cu.

How are these carts different in term of tonal balance?

I just finished installing an Ortofon Rondo Bronze on an SME 3009 II and love the combo. Now i'm looking for a $500 MM and these two are on top of my list. I already have a Clearaudio Maestro so I dont want another Clearaudio MM, also I have an Audio Technica 33PTG -> No more AT MM either.

Thanks and happy holidays!

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I'm interested in the same two cartridges and how they would sound on a Music Hall 7.1.
Sounds like I would prefer the Nagaoka between the 2.

I have had the Dynavector suggested to me before. The best of both worlds huh?