Nagaoka MP-500 or Ortofon 2M Black?

Hi guys,

Which would perform better in a re-plinthed Lenco L75 with Rega RB-250 arm with Pete Riggle VTAF & MItchell Technoweight? I cannot seem to find the dynamic compliance for Nagaoka MP-500, some listed as 20cu (not sure if static or dynamic), other listed as 8.5cu.

How are these carts different in term of tonal balance?

I just finished installing an Ortofon Rondo Bronze on an SME 3009 II and love the combo. Now i'm looking for a $500 MM and these two are on top of my list. I already have a Clearaudio Maestro so I dont want another Clearaudio MM, also I have an Audio Technica 33PTG -> No more AT MM either.

Thanks and happy holidays!
I'm interested in the same two cartridges and how they would sound on a Music Hall 7.1.
Either will work fine in the Rega arm. They sound completely different from one another to my ears though.

The Nagaoka is luxurious and romantic sounding. It is rich in the midrange and throws a wide holographic soundstage. The Ortofon is more precise and clear sounding and not quite as euphoric. I hope that makes sense!

They are both stellar trackers.

I've run them both and found the balance between the precision of the Ortofon and the romantic analog midrange of the Nagaoka in the Dynavector 20x2h which as an equally agile tracker.
For a $500 MM (or lesser) you may want to consider the Ortofon M20 FL Super a very sought after MM. I own the both the MP-500 and M20 (have yet to install it yet though) I don't have an abundance of experience with cartridges having only owned a Dynavector DV-20X,Denon 103 in a Panzerhoz body,and the MP-500,with which I have spent the most time with.Initially the Nagaoka was mounted on a Origin Live Silver which at the time was VERY,VERY Good... now I have it mounted on a Phantom that after spending much time with damping fluid,VTF and anti-skate,,,, now SINGS! with so much more resolution and detail retrieval,,, Vinyladdict sums it up quite nicely it is "...luxurious and romantic sounding. It is rich in the midrange and throws a wide holographic soundstage."I can totally agree with that summation after having it mounted in both arms. The Graham having much more control and precision allowing it to strut its stuff.Most people wouldn't use a cartridge of this caliber with an arm such as the Graham but as ancilliary equipment becomes more stable and reined,so does the MP-500's. There is a 'Gon member that compares the MP-50 (a lesser refined predecessor) to both his Allaerts LoMC carts when also mated to a Phantom.

regarding the compliance,referring to the white papers included with the cartridge does in fact list it at 8.5cu,does not state dynamic or static.

In short it is a very good cart, that will shine in Rega based arms.Lastly I have found it to be a much better performer when the VTA is dialed in.
Sounds like I would prefer the Nagaoka between the 2.

I have had the Dynavector suggested to me before. The best of both worlds huh?
Dear Jaytea: I agree with both posts: both cartridges can run with your tonearm with out problem and you can't go wrong with either.

I never had the opportunity to compare in between. Btw, I agree too that the M20 FL Super or E Super could be a very good option but today is hard to find out.

Due that you are on tubes maybe could be a better choice the 2M Black.

Regards and enjoy the music,