Nagaoka MP-150 vs MP-200

I recently upgraded my turntable which came with a Naga MP-150.  I like the 150, but can't help wondering how much difference a 200 stylus would make.  For anyone with experience with both, I welcome your thoughts. (Previously I had a Signet TK5e for many years, which I was happy with. Anyone happen to know what current cartridge would be closest sounding to that?)
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Favorite on line reviewer??? FYI, I have none. I've done my own comparisons albeit limited. Sorry I don't have the funds to own several turntables and dozens of carts and styli. 

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Thanks to all that shared their experience. I realize the only sure way to evaluate is to try in my system, but since I don’t have a removable head shell, it’s kind of a PITA to set up the carts properly multiple times. As mentioned, my longtime cart was a Signet, which I was pleased with. The Naga MP-150 is different...the top end seems somewhat rolled off compared to what I’m accustomed to, though I am hearing at least as much detail, and I enjoy everything else about it. I was hoping to get a general idea of what, if any, difference the MP-200 stylus would bring. Otherwise I suppose I just have to figure out whose house sound I prefer, Naga or AT. :)