Nagaoka MP-150 vs MP-200

I recently upgraded my turntable which came with a Naga MP-150.  I like the 150, but can't help wondering how much difference a 200 stylus would make.  For anyone with experience with both, I welcome your thoughts. (Previously I had a Signet TK5e for many years, which I was happy with. Anyone happen to know what current cartridge would be closest sounding to that?)
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Wow...guess Asians all look alike to some of you.
Ian is from Singapore and he used to buy and review lots of turntables, cartridges etc.
No, he's not "a Chinese Communist"
I don't know why  but I expected better from this forum.

He's and enthusiastic audiophile who loves to compare stereo gear and share his experiences. 

Not sure if links are allowed but here goes:

I don't understand why we have racist comments in this forum.  I too expect better from this forum. It has no place in a civilized society.  How can we stop this especially in this much enjoyable forum?  It's very disheartening that people harbor sweeping ill feelings due to one's ethnicity.  SMH...


I apologize for not knowing the ethnic backgrounds of Ian. Lord knows I have no intentions of being racist.
I was taken a back of Chakster's comments and called him out on it.

True to his nature, he was only interested in getting his point across. 

I don't think Ian would be the type to scam people, and Chakster's comments were totally uncalled for. 

Once again, if I made any racial comments or even racial profiled, I sincerely apologize as this wasn't my intention. 
The Chinese Communist Party is the founding and sole governing party of the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese is nationality, ask @mr_m why he has no clue who is his favorite online reviewer.

My joke doesn’t work if the reviewer is from Singapore, indeed. But it doesn’t make an entry level Nagaoka PM100,110,200 any better!

I was born in Soviet Union, but communism crashed here in 1991.


Favorite on line reviewer??? FYI, I have none. I've done my own comparisons albeit limited. Sorry I don't have the funds to own several turntables and dozens of carts and styli. 

Sounds like capitalism is alive and well in Russia.