nagamichi dragon instruction manual

could anyone help me about this massive deck?
i need a manual for setting up the center absotute point.
i don't know how it works?

please help!!!
I have a spare original manual, will send it to you if you like.
I used to own the Dragon many years ago. If what you mean by the "center absolute point" is adjustment of the heads for identical record/playback parameters going in both directions, I think you need a 'scope to adjust them. If I recall, the manual said nothing about user adjustment.

There are screws near the heads for those adjustments, but I think they're really for the technician's use. When I owned the unit, I did play around with the screws (to my chagrin) and had to readjust them by ear.
Are we talking cassette tape deck or turntable?
Nak used "Dragon" to designate their best of whatever product type.
Their Dragon turntable automatically centers record regardless of record's center hole.
Is this what you're talking about?

-Thanks for the email Mr. Pok.
No, I don't know how your Dragon turntable automatically centers the record.
Look for any buttons that don't do normal turntable functions.
Or maybe there is a motor speed faster than normal that uses centrifigal force to do it.
Anyone in Audiogon-land know how to do this?
A last resort would be to goto Nakamichi web site and ask them.
oh sorry about my topic Dweller, i did mean dragon turntable.