Nad372 vs Rotel 1070 vs Denon PMA 2000

Hi, my new speakers need a bit more "juice" than my current Rotel 1062 supplies. I am considering the above 3 mid level integrateds which all have good ratings. I need a phono section so this is where I'm at. I'd appreciate any input from my fellow audiogoners on this. Speakers are Audes Blues- cd is Rotel 1072.
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Try a Rotel RC-1070 pre (Excellent phono section) and a RB-1070 amp (130/ch). You should be able to buy used for $700.
Thanks, I just "jumped" on a Rotel RA 1070 integrated at what I thought was a decent price. I like the idea of an integrated and it has more guts than the 1062 I have which is nice too. I'll let you know how my latest audio experiment works out.