NAD320BEE and Outlaw RR2150

Has anyone listened to both the NAD320BEE and the Outlaw RR2150 and have some opinions? I can only hear the NAD at my stereo store.
The Outlaw is by far the more powerful (receiver.) The 320BEE(integrated)is a nice product but it's outclassed here IMO. I have played around with both. Also, the Outlaw has some nice features associated with it.
A review of the Outlaw is listed on the Stereophile websight.
03-09-09: Kennybofish
To my ears the outlaw 2150 out classed the nad in sound quality and it may well be the one of the amps to beat in the under $ 1000 dollar price range. I have also compared it to the magmun danalab receiver which was more extened in the high frequences, middle range about the same hard to tell the difference, bass frequences outlaw had the edge.
I also compared it to other highly favorable amps, the outlaw was not outshined as one would think. go figure