NAD vs. Cambridge for Paradigm Atom speakers?


I recently purchased a pair of Paradigm Atom monitors and am trying to decide whether to go with a Cambridge CD player and AMP or a basic NAD setup. The NAD amps seem warmer to me, which helps take a bit of edge off the Paradigm's brightness, but I'm getting conflicting information from dealers regarding NAD's reliability. One dealer claims their problems were fixed 10 years ago when they were bought by another company, while another claims that he has to send back half of his NAD products for repairs. I'm looking at the C326BEE and related products. Any advice?
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The NAD C326BEE is excellent. That would be my choice.
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Usually, NAD integrateds tend to be more reliable than their NAD CD player brothers (no moving mechanism involved).

I have owned a NAD 352 for 5 years without any problem. I gave it to my brother last year when I moved out and he still uses it every day, hooking to his Totem Rainmakers & REL Q201E.

I currently own a NAD 326BEE for about 8 months. I have no problem whatsoever so far with the NAD 326BEE.

The thing with NAD integrateds is that if they break down; they will break down within the 1st year of ownership. After that they hardly have any problems.

I do like CA too. CA amps & CD players are also very nice budget electronics like NAD. However, I do not know anything about CA products'reliability.

I am a big fan of Dynaudio so I prefer NAD. They have good chemistry with NAD.

Marantz PM 5003 got a good review by Bob Reina at Stereophile. I have seen one listed here on A'gon for $375. Check it out.

Good luck!!!
Two or three years ago I went down to Son Idéal in Montreal to listen and compare entry-level amps and CD players. We'd had a fire and the systems in the bedrooms were going to be replaced.

I listened to two Cambridge units, the 540 and 640, and compared them with the NAD C320BEE. I preferred the NAD. I thought it was smoother overall. Both Cambridges had some roughness in the highs and upper mids, although the more expensive 640 had a bit less.

So we got three NAD C320BEE integrateds. They have been working just fine since we got them.