NAD v. Cambridge Audio opinion.

Hello all. I've a question for all of you diehard audioheads. I'm looking for a small integrated for the bedroom, and I've narrowed it to two choices based upon my budget and requirements - roughly $300.00 USD. It's down to the NAD C116 for 310.00, or a gently used (9 on a 1-10 scale) Cambridge 340A for $260.00. These would be paired with a wee set of Gallo's and a powered sub. My musical tastes are quite literally all over the map and I'd be listening to a Squeezebox with external DAC. Given that I've been out of the audio loop for a while, but have fond memories of both manufacturers, what might the better option be? I've heard both and like them, but am not able to do a direct comparison, nor do I know their recent track record.
To my ears, nad is better. Low end models are best bang for the buck wherever you go.

Lets see what the guys have to say.