NAD T973

Thinking of buying one of these! Unused still in the box!

Does anyone have experience with these? I can't find reviews anywhere!

I was going to maybe pair it with a T175, to power B&W XT's or CM8's
Yeh im pretty happy ive it matched up with a NAD M15HD!
I was with Rotel but I like NAD
Thanks for the input guys!
It was sealed in the box like they said!
Yes the T973 sounds much better than a boat anchor.

Weight in audio components is generally associated with more solid construction and beefy transformers.

John are you enjoying your new found amp?
"Not to suggest a resemblance but so do boat anchors."

Ever consider taking up poetry?
Apbiii, boat anchors do not reproduce any worthwhile sounds!
Johnmadden, glad you made the purchase. I think you will bevery pleased. The more you listen the better it gets. NAD has always been extremly under rated. The weight is directly related to the amount of power these units can put out. My Thiel set up, as innefficient as it is, has been handled without issues by the T 955. Enjoy!!
"Wow! What a piece! Weighs a ton, always reassuring!"

Not to suggest a resemblance but so do boat anchors.
Hi Guys

Ok so I purchased the T973, new in sealed box/inside plastic sealed.

Wow! What a piece! Weighs a ton, always reassuring!

Yet to try her out!
I have a T973 driving Dali Diva Grand mains in a 7 channel setup. I have used a M15 and a T175HD with it. I am very impressed with this setup. I went from a two channel setup to 5.1 then 7.1 and have recently returned to listening to vinyl using a VPI TNT, ET2, Monster Genesis 1000, BAT VK P5 front end. I have not heard anything decent to compare it to recently but I am pretty happy and a bit surprised with the results. I don't think I lost much if anything going from the M15 to the T175HD. I definitely gained from the Audussy in the T175 as I have a difficult room, 20x20.

If you get the T175HD make sure to update the firmware.
I own an NAD T 955 driving a pair of Thiel CS3 fronts, Thiel CS2 surrounds and a Focal C700 center channel ... perfect!! I find myself playing the HT louder than usual, not because I need to, it is so clean ... I think you will enjoy the NAD, excellent electronics. Besides the T 955 I own a C375BEE Integrated as the heart of my 2 channel hi fi. Love NAD. Do it, you will not regret it.