NAD T785 HD Receiver and HT questions

Hi all nice to meet all of you. A friend of mine referred me to this site, he said this is where the experts speak!

I am looking for someone familiar with the NAD T875 HD Reciever. I do not have a dealer where i live nor anywehere close to me. I am looking at it, marantz, pioneer elite, and Denon.

The speakers I am looking at are the psb image line using the t65 tower system for the theater surrond system. I am also looking at the paradigm monitor 9 system as well.

My room size is 20'x 24' with a vaulted ceiling with a total of 4891 cuboic feet. Some advice is needed. What do you think about the receiver and the speakers? I am looking to spend up to 3700 dollars on the speaker surround system.

Thanks for any and all advice.
Saturday Audio Exchange is having a great sale on the PSB Image series speakers.They carry NAD,Denon and Marantz equipment.I have never dealt with them,I see their ads here a lot on A'gon.Never hurts to check stuff out.Good luck.
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Thanks for the response Bob. I like the revels but the wife does not. They are too big for her living room.

That is the only speaker I have auditioned. Going to check out the paradigms. I live in po dunk no where Arkansas and have to travel two or three hours to see most items.

I am leaning towards the images or may wait and buy something from this site on sale. The NAD did sound nice on those revels! What model onkyo's and integra do you recommend ?
While Onkyo/Integra do make good higher end and good mid priced bang for the buck avr's, the NAD seems to be closest to seperates in one unit. Not your average mass produced receiver. NAD places as much importance in 2 channel applications as it does HT. If I could afford the NAD T785, I would buy it yesterday.

I know professional reviews are not everything, but take a look at the bench test section. NAD's published specs are with all channels driven not just two as other mass market companies publish.

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You all have been very helpful and I appreciate the responses.

We auditioned the Paradigm monitor 11 system and they we not as accurate, a tad bright, nor had the depth in the bass. My wife agreed with me the revels were better sounding and agreed I could get them.

I still want to audtion the PNB. As far as the room size that will not change. The room is actually 40 x 24. I have a massive fireplace separating these rooms.

I listened to the paradigms with a onkyo receiver and I do not know how to explain it but the NAD did sound head and shoulders above the onkyo when listening to material in 2 channel. Of course this is most likly subjective based on my preferences. The one huge advantage the NAD has is the modules that can be updated. Of course it could turn out to be another marketing gimmick.

I am going to watch this site for demo speaker systems and maybe get a better speaker from a dealer that is broken in and a higher grade. Currently I am using speakers I bought in 1973 (BOSE 901's). Do not laugh please as they served their purpose when I was moving all over the world.
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I auditioned the revel concerta line. They swapped the receivers for me to listen too.

I do have one silly question. I was thinking about using all towers for my surround system, with the exception of the center and subwoofer.

I was on the phone iwth an old friend of mine in California and he used to own a studio back in the 70's.

He told me the best sound would be from a set of the same speakers and not to buy the small surrounds. I do have the room to set up all towers.

Bob thenks for the replies.

I did not get to audition the speakers at the same vender as neither one carried the same speakers. Both venders did carry the onkyo.

I brought my own music and listened to them as what I thought was the same level. I want to try and find the integra as well to try out. Alas traveling 6 hours one way to audition one is not something I really want to do.

The best sound from both sets of speakers was when I ask them to hook up a m2 and m5 Nad set up. Wow what a difference the sound was. I am leary of separates but see why you all love it now. I may have to grovel and beg the wife for those.

Do you recommend any seperate systems that will not cost me my first born?
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Thanks for the reply Bob I will check them out. I do have a nice shop here in town that does sell the paradigms and will ask them about the channels and how they work.

I absolutely agree about the long term investment with separates. My friend told me to check out the separates as well. I did with the NAD and there is just so much difference and the wife really enjoyed the sound. No more groveling when I explained to her in the long run you save money with separates. Her friend owns the store and told her the same thing.

The sound I listened coming thru the concerta had so much feel to them and you could hear the instruments so much clearer. All these years and yes I am a grandfather (lol) i have never heard with the exception of my firends home in CA in the 90's where he had macs and klipsh horns and I always thought it was the speakers.

Thanks Bob
Gordon Headed down the spearate path now!
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The connectivity will be better with the Pioneer Elite, but in regards to the amplifier section, it is more robust and capable in regards to the NAD.
I just bought the 775 hd nad, I am downsising from seperates (classe), I must say that I was surprised of how well the nad sounded, I don't feel I lost anything from the classe setup, musicly I don't think you can find a better sounding receiver then the nad, good luck