NAD T778

Looking for a new home theater AVR that can drive 4ohm load. 9 ch. Budget 3k. I’d like all the latest tech, atmos etc. 
NAD T778 came highly recommended. Need advice On this unit or any competing device.  Speakers are Vienna acoustics Hayden Mozart and maestro 
Nice device.  Very stable.  Has an upgrade path for when tech comes out.  NAD sounds neutral which will be a fine pairing with Vienna Acoustic.  
The most important feature is Room correction and they recently upgraded to DIRAC Live vs Audyssey which is a big leap forward.  Audyssey hasn’t been updated for years.  Same version from lime 2013.  

I literally have one in stock here.  
Alternatively, Anthems ARC is superb room correction.  Not better than DIRAC, but also not worse.  Their receivers are nice and can’t criticize them.  I like NADs sound profile a little better but that is personal taste.

Marantz and Denon are fine.  Great sound but both use dated Audyssey.